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Jay Wadsworth Combatives/BJJ/Hybrid Police Control Tactics Seminars

Now is your chance to train with one of the premier LEO/Combatives and BJJ Instructors around! Jay is a BJJ Black Belt (BJJ Revolution Team), Fight2Win Competitor, Grappling/BJJ Champion, Former MMA Fighter, Police Officer/SWAT, C4C Certified Instructor, Combatives Instructor at NYTOA and TacOps East.

Click HERE to Register - 1 Seminar $50, Any 2 Seminars $75, All 3 Seminars $100

-Seminar #1 Sat Feb 23: 10am to Noon - Combatives & Self Defense (Open to All - Civilians/LEO/Military)
-Seminar #2 Sat Feb 23: 1pm to 3pm -Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar De La Riva Guard (Open to All Academies - All Ranks)
-Seminar #3 - Sun Feb 24: 10am to 2pm -Hybrid Police Control Tactics (LEO/Corrections Only)